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Color: Brown
Materials: Wood
Theme: Strategy, Family
Recommended age: Ages 14 and Up
Size: 15.33 x 7.53 x 1.64 inches
Weight: 2.2 pounds

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‘- High-quality checkers board game set with impressive craftsmanship, the beautiful chessboard is made of quality wood and designed with interior storage slots for convenient checkers pieces storing.
– The metal clasps to keep the board securely locked, game instructions included.
– This folding wooden board game set is for easy transportation and storage, no matter if you’re playing at home or if you’re taking it on the go to play, the solid wood construction of the board and the pieces are built to last, for a long time use.
– This checkers game is nice for almost all ages and helps people to develop concentration and increase memory.
– Product Dimensions: 15.33 x 7.53 x 1.64 inches; 2.2 pounds


  1. AMoodyOneAMoodyOne

    Checkers is such a classic game, so one could never go wrong with owning a game board.

  2. Kim N.

    I love it is wooden instead of plastic. Good quality

  3. KW

    This is a basic checkerboard. The good – the wood part looks nice and it is a good size.

  4. Vee Trott

    Great, very nice wooden checkers board. Stores great under our bed while we are not using it. Looks very fancy.

  5. ZYLO242

    Really great idea for the storage inside like that, they just could fit in their a tiny bit tighter.

  6. Dee Kelly

    I love wooden game sets and this one is good quality although I do think the price is high for what you get. 

  7. tj

    Nice wooden checker board. Has cut outs inside board for checkers to keep it neatly organized.

  8. Carder

    My 10 year old son was begging for a checkers board for Christmas, so I decided to get him this one.

  9. KH99KH99

    This checkers set feels good and soli

  10. ChristineChristine

    Really great set, and a great game for anyone.   

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